BrettI14: New Digital Media

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New Digital Media:
1. what is new media
2. 4 fundamental concepts
3. social & political aspects
New Media:
a portmanteau term that refers broadly to digital communications technologies and/or their convergence with existing media.
It is most often associated with interactive entertainment, the internet, digital graphics & other compugert oriented multimedia pursuits
The Digital Revolution
shift from analog to digital technology
since 1980s
change brought by computing & communication
technology during this period
---> The Information Age
current age differs from what preceded it in terms of the ubiquity, accessibility, and free transmission of information among individuals
Central claims for new media
  • new hybrid culture that blends both human and computer meaning (cybernatics)
  • new realities (VR, AI)
  • new construction of time & space (cyberspace)
  • new identities (cyborgs, posthumanism)
  • new social relations (open & associative network)
  • new political formations (cyberdemocracy, netizen, cybersurveillance, cyberterrorism)

utopian VS dystopian

Potential problems:

technological determinism
--> society shaped by technology
ahistorical: how NEW is new media?
antimaterialistic: ignores real world condition/ dissymetries
collusive: elitist, masculinist, colonialist, corporatist
4 Fundamental Concepts
inherent malleability of digital media has fostered convergence & exchange of media across levels of form, content & delivery
medium orphosis
-convergent flixibility of digital media foster links across & between data, machines, users
-decentered structure of interconnected nerworking
basic way of organizing data in computing through alinear associaton & branching links (hyperlinks)
-Vanevar Bush, "As we may think"
-Memex: similar to internet, same connection idea
-Rhizomatic thought:
Arboreal - linear, centered, unitary, homogeneous, controlled, repressive
like a tree
Rhizomatic - nonlinear, decentered, plural, heterogeneous, anarchic, liberatory
like grass spreading roots everywhere
-digital hypertextuality has led to new rhizomatic media paradigm
Old = Broadcast mass communication
-one to many
-sender to receiver
New = Network digital media
-many to many
digital media foster creaton of  simulated, derealized time/space orders & ever more sophisticated, self-contained virtual environment  
-virtual self
-virtual community
  -virtual relationship
-virtual commerce
-virtual learning
all of that became Virtual World = metaverse 
ex. Second Life (game)
Shelly Turkle (1995) --> Life on the Screen
-canonic text of cyberstudies
-participatory study of online communities &  the new possibilities they afford for social selfhoos & relationality
see internet as identity workshop
potential to move beyond the constraints of traditional & subjectiveness
new media = high degree of interactivity between information & user, or user & user
agential, manipulateable, participatory, communal
new media = DIY media
--> give tools to audience (remote, joysticks, application)
authority broken by interactivity
we have control over pixels
DNA of new media
New media = no audience, we are all content-creators
Old Media is defined by its 'one-to-many' relationship of creator & recipients (audiences). New media is defined by 'many-to-many'.
  • internet & ICTs alternatives to establish political order
  • empower individual citizen
  • provide information transparency
  • set alternative agendas
  • caolesce & mobilise mass into political activities

network, word of mouth & collective action

Smart crowds
reclaiming public apces by collective action
open up new forms of governance
ICT & Popular Democracy
challenge totalitariansim or major failure of ggovernment & democracy institutions/mechanisms
 to work effectively, the public sphere should possess core qualities
-freedom of information & access
-free from outside inteference & control
-diversity of viewpoints & equal representation
-space for civil discussion & debate

Popular Social Movement
 -Free Hug campaign

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